Mini Money Tree: Why I care about millennial’s finances

I am a millennial in my late 20s whose goal is to be financially independent. I don’t especially care about being ‘rich’ but what I would like to be is free. Imagine being free to ditch a job if it wasn’t right, not worry about expenses and debt, and be able to take off on an impromptu holiday if you wanted?

That’s the power of money – with enough, you are free to live life on your terms.

The reason I’ve started Mini Money Tree, is I’ve realised that no-one I know in my age bracket is really nailing their finances. Sure – it doesn’t help that we’re the generation who’ve been saddled with student debt, graduated into a recession, and are more often than not working for wages that haven’t risen in real terms in years – it’s tough going out there!

What I’ve learned though is to accept this as the framework. Fight for change – great! Vote for better politicians – totes! But for now, in the ho-hum in-between, let’s get on with improving our lives. The main cool thing about life, is in spite of everything, we can always still take steps to better ourselves. And when it comes to improving our financial situation, we become more free as a result.

Through this blog I intend to channel my geeky passion for personal finance into empowering my peers to get on top of their finances too. After all, with the odds stacked against us, we have to help each other out!

As the old adage goes, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, but that ain’t true – it’s just that nobody ever showed us how. We can smash our debt. We can save our money. And then that money can make us more. I’m growing my mini money tree, I hope you’ll plant your own too.

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